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Deep Web is Exciting!

Not necessarily! Deep web is bigger than you can imagine, but not necessarily exciting as many people seem to believe. Information that cannot be searched easily comes under the deep web, but it could be any type of information – not just top secrets or highly confidential material! A webmaster may choose to hide information from search engines that is purely technical in nature so that such information does not affect the site’s rankings. So, there is nothing exciting about it, and it is quite a common thing that most websites do.

Websites that Conform Your Identity have Information that Comes Under Deep Web

Not true! Websites that confirm whether you are a human through Captcha or query boxes etc. are not necessarily hiding something; sites do this only to keep away automatic search bots. Once you enter the Captcha entry, you will access the information anyway, so there is nothing to hide, is there?

Deep Web is Immensely Huge!

Yes, that is true. The information on the internet is divided into several levels: the top level – known as the Common Web – consists of information that is accessible to everyone via search engines. Then comes the Surface Web, which includes websites and portals of colleges/universities, foreign social networks, MySQL databases and relatively ‘darker’ websites such as Reddit. Going further, we come across the Bergie Web, which consists of FTP servers, loaded web servers, Jailbait porn and locked results of Google search engine. Finally, after this level we approach the Deep Web, which requires proxy for access. Deep web includes information on celebrity scandals, sex tapes, VIP gossip, heavy jailbait porn and specific FTP servers etc.

The subsequent level is even deeper, requiring TOR for access having information on node transfers, AI theorists, Microsoft Data Secure Networks and the likes. Then comes the Charter Web, consisting of personal records, questionable materials, banned movies and books, hidden Wiki, and information on multi-billion dollar deals. Nearly 80% of the Internet is beyond the Charter Web. Most of the black market also comes under this level of deep web.

The levels following Charter Web require closed shell systems and ‘Polymeric Falcighol Derivation’ to access it, which is mostly carried out by government bodies having supercomputers. The deepest level of the Internet – i.e. the Marianas Web – requires quantum computation techniques, and what it contains is unknown to the most.