“Hidden Wiki Diaries: Walking Down the Silk Road”

The hidden wiki is a collection of websites that function on illegal services where the resources of such services are found on the deep web. You might know that most of the information posted online is only half of what is the truth! The internet is shrouded with ignorance to the fact that there is another world inside of it that lays hidden and cannot be accessed by the general audience.

‘Tor’ is a system database that has been formulated for maintaining online anonymity which is in fact connected with virtual tunnels all over the internet. The communication is managed by onion routing hence we have .onion URLS present on the deep web that offer an insight about the underworld activities. Tor is in fact very confidential as software consisting of a network of servers that can hide information and location of the clients and the administrators. By using Tor it becomes difficult for the authorities on the surface to list out their location and bust their illegal activities.

‘Tor’ is basically a project that has been designed to withstand external influence and interruption by ensuring the personal freedom of clients in the underworld and maintain basic civil rights to protect the integrity and privacy of certain companies and activities. This curbs internet censorship and avoids conflict arising out of extreme publicity. The Hidden Wiki therefore may be regarded as a website that consists of .onion URLS that offer hidden services which facilitate throughout the Tor network.

One such service that we can talk about in the deep web is ‘Silk Road’. The Hidden Wiki operates through excellent and professional pseudo domains which travel across Tor with a number of links stored in the wiki format. Most of the links are associated with the Silk Road that rests deep inside the bowels of the deep web. Silk Road is an underground highway for drug trade and expansion.

Silk Road

Anonymous to most of the surface audience, Silk Road has become famous for being another unobtainable route that leads to a market of drugs being sold. Numerous products are offered by this website allowing it to maintain its reputation for being an excellent source for outlawed drugs. User to user can select and enjoy the array of products that are sold via Silk Road. Speaking of drug trafficking, this site is the lord of all gems! It has gained prosperous years with the sale of drugs increasing in demand year after year. Because it has become so popular this information has leaked out somehow and reached the surface of the internet alarming radars all over the United States. Silk Road is primarily a target for the US government who place a lot of efforts to shut down its activities. They obviously have no clue about the location nor do they know who owns the Silk Road website. The Silk Road is safely incased inside the deep web and functions effectively through secret passageways, TOR networking and coded communication systems. This is a very typical gig for the websites situated in the Onion network.


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