So what are people planing to replace Silk Road?


On the Silk Road forums people are advertising a Silk Road 2.0 they want to make.


Others are talking about creating open source projects:


There is already an open source project started:


Another option would be a decentalized marketplace, there is already a project named BitWasp, but developement has stopped in 2012.


Most likely the next Silk Road wont be something decentralized, since there are some technical problems which would have to get solved first.

Currently the main problem in developing a Silk Road like marketplace is the Bitcoin integration, since even tho the Bitcoin-QT client has an API which supports account management, on a larger scale costomized code is needed to check for incoming payments etc.

If anyone knows any open source projects which could be used as a basis for a new silk road please leave a comment on this blog post.


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