How to Access the Dark Web Safely and what You’ll See?
The World Wide Web is far broader than the sites and pages that standard browsers and conventional search engines can navigate. Wikipedia, Google, and many millions of websites are just the tip of the iceberg. The links returned by Google and other search engines when you enter a query are referred to as the ‘surface web,’ while all other, non-searchable material is known as the ‘deep web’ or ‘invisible web.’
The Deep Web is encrypted and constitutes the majority of the internet which contains data that does not even appear in search engines. Medical records, official statements, financial records, and other information are kept private. Things get shady – and even dangerous – in the depths of the dark web. The Dark Web is the vast bulk of the internet that is shielded from public view.

What is the Dark Web?
The dark web is a secret network of internet pages that can only be accessed via a sophisticated web browser, Tor. Tor is an abbreviation standing for the Onion Router.  It is used to keep internet interaction secret and confidential, which can be useful in both legitimate and illegitimate applications. Although some people use it to avoid official censorship, it has also been used for extremely illegal activity.

How to Access the Dark Web Safely?
Get the TOR browser and launch it.
The Tor Browser is the most convenient way to connect to Tor. It is completely free to download and install. Tor Browser, which is based on Firefox, allows you to use both the visible and dark web. Any of the traffic is routed across the Tor Network by default. Be sure to just download the Tor Browser from the official website to avoid installing viruses or malware on your computer.
Consider purchasing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are servers that allow you to connect to the internet. These servers assist in masking the roots and can simulate locations from all over the world.
Although TOR conceals your identity, it does not conceal your location.

Getting Into the Dark Web
It’s a little different when you’re on the dark web. Tor secret services are darknet websites that can be differentiated from regular websites by their URLs.
Dark web addresses are characterized by the top-level domain, “.onion,” rather than “.com” or “.org.”
DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused private search engine that doesn’t monitor anything you do online. With this, you can access Dark Web Wiki.
Register for a confidential email address.
Now that you’re all set, it’s time to create an untraceable email address. Gmail is unthinkable, and you’ll need a secure email address to sign up for many onion websites.
Here are a few options to get you started:
RiseUp, ProtonMail, TORbox, Bitmessage etc.

Onion Routing
Onion routing is a method of anonymization used on the Dark Web. When a user requests a page, the data is sent to the user through different and ever-changing routes. There are so-called mixes on these routes, which basically represent the stations that transfer through the info.
Thus, information is forwarded from a sender to a recipient through multiple transmitters and receivers that act as proxy servers and virtual networks (VPNs), rather than from a sender to a recipient as has been the case with HTTP connection. A requested website is, in a sense, disassembled and reassembled by the recipient.
The intermediate stations encrypt and decrypt data. They are often referred to as network nodes. This encryption and decryption process is known as onion routing since the knowledge route can be graphically represented as an onion. To track data traffic during onion routing, the observer will need to know all nodes, but these routes are usually updated on a regular basis.

Tor Network
Tor is a network that builds on the concept of onion routing and incorporates some technical aspects. To establish an anonymous link between two contact users, one must first download and install a client known as an onion proxy. The onion proxy is a tool that links to the Tor network. As a first move, the client downloads digitally signed directory data.
The directory data is asymmetrically encrypted so that the client receives actual data. In a subsequent step, the onion proxy chooses a path through the Tor network. The nodes that are meant to transmit information are chosen at random. Typically, this connection is forwarded to up to three nodes while information is exchanged between the client and the server in the network.

The Hidden Wiki
The Hidden Wiki refers to censorship-resistant wikis that operate as Tor hidden services and that everyone can edit privately after registering on the web. The main page of this site is a list of links to other onion domains. As a result, the dark web wiki can also be visited using the TOR browser.
The dark web wiki was first identified in 2007, at 6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion. However, later in 2011, a full-fledged website containing several of the discovered links was unveiled. Until August 2013, the site was hosted on the domain ‘Freedom Hosting.’  The dark web wiki and its kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion domain were hacked in March 2014 and diverted to a new domain called “Doxbin.”
Hidden wiki is hosted on onion domains that can only be accessed via TOR or a TOR gateway. The Hidden Wiki provides access to all hidden and secret/illegal activities such as money laundering, contract killing, and cyber-attacks for hire, contraband chemicals, and bomb-making.
To access the Dark Web Hidden Wiki, enter the following URL into Tor: http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion/wiki/index.php/MainPage.

Types of the Threats on the Dark Web: How Risky is It to Navigate?
Exploring the dark web can be risky.
You should avoid certain stuff on the dark web. Here are a few examples:
Viruses:  Some websites can infect your devices with viruses, and there are numerous types of viruses to be aware of. Never download something from a website you do not trust.
Hackers: Hackers are people who break into computers to steal information. On the dark web, you can find hacker sites. You could pay computer hackers to engage in criminal activities. Unsurprisingly, most of these individuals will be able to hack your computer.
Hijacking of a webcam:  A dark web website can attempt to install a remote administration tool, also known as a ‘Rat’ on your computer. This will result in someone hijacking your webcam, allowing them to see what you’re up to through your device’s camera lens. It’s a valid idea to cover your webcam with paper or tape when you’re not using it.

What can You Do on the Dark Web?
According to estimates, search engines or URLs only accesses 1 to 5% of all content. As a result, the Deep and Dark Webs will be far greater than the Internet we use today. The Dark Web Wiki network, like the open web, offers a wide range of operations, from forum interaction to exploring online marketplaces.
However, illicit products and services are still accessible on the dark web. We firmly warn all of our readers to be cautious and stop engaging in illicit activity on the dark web and elsewhere at all costs.

Since the dark web is filled with people who are against the authorities, wouldn’t it be rather surprising to find out that the dark web is a product of the mind of researchers who work for the US Naval research laboratories? These groups of scientists concluded that the open web is not safe enough for the US military and government in sending information back and forth. They concluded that the open web can b traced and vital information sent across it can be tracked. This gave birth to the now known “dark web”.
So even though criminals make use of the dark web to transact illegally illicit products, thinking it is done outside the reach of the government, the whole of the dark web idea came from the government.

The dark web is a form of a decentralized network of websites that routes every single connection through a series of servers and encrypts every communication along the way. This simply means that the dark web is birthed for the sole purposes of privacy and anonymity.
In 2002, the Tor (The Onion Router) project was launched and it popularized the dark web for the first time. The Tor project made the dark web a place people can visit but it was not an easy thing to navigate. In 2008, Tor released the first Tor browser that made navigating the dark web n easy thing to do. Even though the Tor company believes the Tor browser made dark web navigation smooth, it was still so slow to navigate the dark web as of that time.

In the dark web

Have you ever wondered what happens in the dark web? What do people do visiting a place online where they cannot be seen or watched or tracked by the government? Well, you guessed right, people do almost anything you can think of. Some people just value their privacy that much and so even if they want to play an online game, they would rather have it in the dark web rather than play on the open web.

Some view government as tyrannical and as such, whatever will help them stay off government radar is their thing. These sets of people make use of the dark web for almost everything they do online. Some of these people work for the betterment of citizens where the government is truly tyrannical. Like the Arab spring uprising in 2010. Lots of journalists and whistleblowers made use of the Tor network to share images, audios, and files with the outside world.

The other set of people are those that are making use of the dark web for illegal transactions and dirty jobs. These people sell illicit drugs online via the dark web. They sell fake currency notes, bank account information of honest citizens, and so on. They offer services like assassination services, rent-a-hacker, Ruining other people’s lives services and so on. Sale of products like human parts and child pornography characterizes the transactions these people are involved in. One notable person is Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the Silk Road. He was arrested and the silk road taken down by the government in 2015. Ross was convicted the same year and he now sits a federal prison in the US. He was able to launder several amounts f money for himself and people. He was also found guilty of conspiracy, hacking and illicit drug sale.

The prevalent set of people

So of the sets of people that make use of the dark web, which of them is more prevalent? Well, the answer is just what you have guessed. The criminals are more prevalent. One can say they form above 70% of dark web users. The figures don’t tell lies. It was found out in 2015 by Thomas Rid and Daniel Moore that the dark web hosts more than 5000 websites, 48% of which are offline or inactive without any content. Out of the remaining 52%, more than half is found to be trading illegal and illicit products. These websites deal with the manufacture, distribution, and sale of illicit drugs and illegally gotten prescription medicines. Some others trade in the stolen bank account information and credit card details, they even launder money and sell counterfeit currency notes. Some sites support extremism and even teach how to be a terrorist. Some sites trade in weaponry of all kinds and sorts. Some websites deal in child pornography, animal and even pornographic materials got without the consent of actors. Some of the sites sell human parts to people while some are offering hit-men services and some others, hacking services.

Since most of these websites are illegal and operate under suspicion, they tend to move shop very quickly and as such the website addresses changes often. This is one characteristic feature of dark web websites, they barely hold domain names for long to evade police and FBI.
Websites in the dark web users the “.onion” as opposed to the “.com” or “.org” and son that the open web makes use of. This makes it impossible to Goggle search any dark web site on the open web. Goggle will find no search results for them. In the dark web, though, there are search engines just like Goggle that can be used to search for web content.

If you must use the dark web, be as cautious as possible so as not to fall victim to hacking. Make use of a good VPN alongside the Tor browser and always stay on the right websites and never share any real information about yourself with anyone or any site on the dark web. The dark web is home to good people as well as criminal and as such, it is only the users that make it either illegal or legal.


The darknet is seen as the far side of the internet where real, obedient citizens are not expected to go looking for whatever. It is characterized by the sale of poisons, illicit drugs, computer viruses, and several other criminal products. Services rendered in the darknet can include the likes of assassination, contract killing, bomb-making, and terrorism coaching and so on. Staying out of searchlight leaves you in the dark and that is exactly what the darknet is about. It keeps you out of the basic searchlight of internet search engines.  Well, you may wonder how people remain anonymous in the darknet, what is possible in the darknet, what people in the darknet and so on. This article is all about the darknet also known as the darknet.

Can you be anonymous in the darknet?

If you have ever connected to the internet and tried accessing the darknet, you will know that it is impossible to visit onion sites without first connecting through the Tor network or a Tor browser. The Tor browser is a special software that helps a user connect to the darknet through a series of overlay networks before reaching the main server of the website a user is pointing to. The Tor network ensures that a user is anonymous while visiting the darknet. This is achieved through the series of computers that are available worldwide. When a user points to a particular onion address using the Tor browser or network, the data is not sent directly to the server of the website to display the content but instead, it is first sent to another user’s IP, then it is bounced to another and then to another before eventually reaching the server of the target website.
When using the Tor network or a Tor browser, all data requests are sent first from the originating computer, called a starting point, to a separately new node. The IP address of your computer is noted in the Tor network and turn connects your computer to another server. The server then connects you to a second server. The second server will not have your IP address but will have the IP address of the first server alone. All data sent to these servers are fully encrypted in the Tor network. You are then connected to another server that will only know the server 2 IP address and the IP address of the server of the onion address you are visiting. This is how the Tor network keeps users anonymous while transferring data all over the network.

Although the Tor browser and the Tor network is built specifically for accessing the darknet, a user can still access the clear web using the Tor browser and the network. The Tor browser will only behave like a typical browser when accessing the clear net with the Tor browser, but when a user is accessing the darknet with Tor, the software raises the anonymity flag instantly.

Darknet users

The darknet is a very important part of the internet and it only attracts two sets of people. The first set of people that the anonymity the darknet provides attracts are those people that suffer low or no- freedom of speech. These comprise of people that are not allowed to make use of the internet in their country, an activist that speaks up against dictatorial governments, whistleblowers, journalist informants, politically oppressed people, people who are opposed to the government and so on. All of these people need a way to communicate without being noticed, tracked or trailed by the government of the country. Since most of these people cannot speak up their mind or share information on the clear net without being imprisoned or killed, they ultimately turn to the darknet for freedom of speech.

The second set of people attracted to the darknet because of its anonymity are people who need to also run from the government but this time around because of their negative actions and dealings. These set of people flee to the darknet for refuge while still making use of the internet so that they can perpetuate their criminal activities without being arrested or and even prosecuted.

The Hidden Dark Net and what can be done there

The darknet is filled with a lot of hidden services. These so-called hidden services are services that are illegal if carried out on the clear net or open web. Hidden services in the darknet increase the darkness of the darknet. The criminal elements that make use of the darknet perpetrate lots of evil and transact illegal businesses without detection. So the darknet is ultimately called hidden because it is not accessible using the normal browsers. It requires special software like Tor to reach onion sites. Usually, not everything hidden is bad, but then, more than half of whatever is hidden is either illegal or immoral.
Darknet means various things to different people. While some make use of the darknet properly and legally, a bunch of others sees it as a dark place where secret meetings and illegal businesses can be carried out without fear of being caught, prosecuted or even jailed. It is evident that people love to be free and do what they like, but then in the spirit of freedom, there must be justice, law, and order. The darknet houses lots of criminal elements who are into the sale of weapons, ammunition, weapons of mass destruction, illicit drugs, forged documents, stolen credit cards and even debit cards, stolen personal documents, and information. Think of anything that is not permissible under law, and you will be amazed at how the darknet is flooded with such products and services. There are several IT gurus in the dark web offering their hacking and coding potentials for money. Anyone from anywhere can pay them to do their bidding for an agreed amount, These biddings range from destroying a person’s life online and offline using computer and internet, hacking a website, DDos attack, spam campaigns, malware and so on. There are other people offering services such as contract killers, terrorist trainers, bomb makers and so on.
The darknet is also filled with forums based on different ideologies. There are forums for journalists, students, schools, education, love life and so on. Other forums are specifically tailored towards criminality, for instance, a forum for terrorists and racists.  There are marketplaces in the darknet that offer these services and products in their listings and categories. Vendors only need to register to become a member and start posting their products and services on the sites but there are marketplaces where a vendor is charged a certain fee before he/she can list his /her products.

Most of the transactions carried out in the darknet are done using cryptocurrencies, usually Bitcoin. The very currency is chosen because of its pseudo-anonymity and simply because it is a bit difficult to trace funds paid in or received in bitcoin. The fact that everyone and everything in the darknet is anonymous makes a more difficult for government agencies, especially law enforcement agencies, to track down criminal elements in the dark web. To catch a single person behind a scam site in the darknet, it takes a lot of research and follows up for years to get the job done. So in place of just starting a fresh investigation into a criminal activity after it has occurred, government agencies nowadays have sleeper agents in the darknet, camouflaging like day to day darknet users, who are always informing their agencies what the next move of a particular scammer or criminal could be, even without such criminal being aware.

A lot can be done in the darknet and this is why people flood the darknet thinking they can get away with whatever they do, so far it is done in the dark side of the internet. Below are some of the things people do in the darknet.

Credit cards and debit cards

There are several stores and vendors in the darknet that offer to sell credit and debit card numbers, CVV and even expiry dates belonging to unsuspecting individuals for cheap in the darknet. This information is usually gotten through phishing websites, authentic card theft or even keyloggers. The vendors sell these details to interested buyers who in turn shop with the cards, paying for whatever they must have bought with the card holder’s money.


There have been cases heard about people in the US who enrich themselves by selling ricin off the darknet. This particular poison is derived from the spurge plant and it is a form of protein that kills human cells pretty fast. So imagine someone selling poison to another person just for money.

Weapons and ammunition

A Darknet is a convenient place for ammunitions and weapons sellers around the globe. It was once said that the darknet is like a hub for black market weapons sellers. There are different types of guns for sale, explosives and even ranging to small and medium missiles, in the darknet. There are likes of C4 explosives, Ak47 and sniper guns, rocket launchers and so many others up for sale in the darknet.

Forged identity cards

Numerous websites in the darknet offer the service of getting people fake or forged documents, including identity cards, driver’s licenses, international passports, and even university certificates. The people behind some of these websites offer forged US citizenship for as cheap as $800.

Contract killers

People have grudges with their neighbors can simply go online, use the Tor browser to access the darknet and simply employ the service of a contract killer to take their neighbor’s life the same evening. It is that depressing. The darknet harbors vendors who offer to sell their killing skills for money. All you need do is just to pay them for their service and give them the required information and yes, consider the job done. It is still unclear whether this particular service will be carried out in truth or not.
The darknet is home to several IT specialists who can create any type of malware and even a computer virus. These people charge less to wreak havoc using their IT skills. You can pay some bucks to get malware developed for you for a targeted purpose in the darknet.


It is stating the obvious when I say almost anything can be bought off the darknet. Uranium is a special element that can be developed into a weapon of mass destruction and the ore of this element is on sale in the darknet. Even the FBI has taken time to investigate sellers of uranium in the darknet and although they have been successful, it is difficult to eradicate all sellers.

Illicit drugs

One of the most sold or probably, the keyword with the most hit as regards the darknet in the open web is weed. Buying of illicit drugs is a thing that takes several users to the darknet. The darknet has more than a million drug-related product listings as of 2019. There are various types of drugs sold in the darknet and various quantities from various countries. The drug market in the darknet is thriving by the day and though the government is trying to keep it at the lowest, more vendors spring up as soon as some are nabbed and convicted.

Dark Web Tor Markets


Although the dark web is an acclaimed part of the internet that most people fear, the dark web forms a very small portion of the whole of the internet. The internet as we know it is made of two major parts, which are the open web and the deep web. The open web, also known as the clear net, is the part or section of the internet that everyday internet users access daily (or maybe sometimes on a second basis). This part of the internet is visible to search engine bots and crawlers and so they can be accessed via a simple search. Search engines like Google and Bing use crawlers to crawl web pages to store parts of the information on these pages for future use. So when anyone searches a term on a web search page, the crawlers release the information they have stored about every single page that relates to the search criteria. The open web, therefore, is those parts of the internet that is accessible via web search engines. Unfortunately, this part of the internet is just about 5% of the whole data available online.
The other part of the internet is the deep web which forms about 95% of all the available data of the internet. The deep web is that part of the internet that requires a login or a direct link to access. Usually, the deep web doesn’t necessarily mean a part of the internet that is shrouded from the whole world. Any website you require a login to access is automatically part of the deep web. This is because web search engines will not be permitted to crawl these pages and as such, even if you keep the search criteria focused forever, you will get no result or very meaningless results. The deep web includes the likes of email accounts of users, banking online portals of individuals, school intranets, and business websites that log access only.
The dark web on its own cannot exist outside the deep web. Therefore it is should be noted that the dark web is just a small part of the deep web that is shrouded from the entire internet. The shrouding is a form of layers of overlay networks that help keep whatever is happening in the dark web of a private business. Therefore, the dark web is a private part of the deep web that can only be accessed using special software. One of the special software used for this purpose is the TOR (The Onion Router).
The dark web according to Garth Griffin is found to have several websites numbering around 55000 and more. Although because most of these websites are operated by criminals and they need to move shop frequently to avoid detection by government operatives, police and FBI, a ton of the sites are usually offline. There is no serious evidence as to how many of these websites are used for criminal activities but since most people find the dark web synonymous with criminal activities, It can be said that more than half of these websites are often owned and operated by criminal elements.

Contrary to public opinion though, the dark web is not just used and operated by criminals. The dark web itself was created by scientists working for the US naval research laboratories years back. They came up with the idea of the dark web simply because they felt the open web is no longer secure for government field operatives to send and receive vital and classified information. So even the government makes use of the dark web in ways the public can barely think of.
Dark web market places are websites on the dark web where goods and services are sold and traded between customers and vendors. Goods sold can range from non-criminal and legal goods and services to criminal and very illegal goods and services. In the non-criminal category, journalists use the dark web to contact their informants in countries where releasing such information can be dangerous (countries where there no is freedom of speech, or where there is freedom of speech but there is no freedom after speaking). People trade information that can help better the lives of fellow countrymen and even the world at large in secret and private on the dark web. Lots of people also make purchases on the dark web to stay away from government radar, not because they are criminal elements but because they believe their government is tyrannical. There are forums where information about new scientific discoveries is shared by scientists in secret on the dark web.
As much as the dark web is used for moral and legal businesses, there is a heavy network of criminal and illegal business being run on the dark web. There are market places on the dark web where human parts are sold in broad daylight. Since most of these websites are hosted on the dark web and the Tor network, it is a hard work for police and operatives to crank down on these criminals swiftly. There are marketplaces where personal data of innocent citizens are put up for sale. Personal information like credit card details, home, and office addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers, internet banking login details, ATM card details and so on. Apart from all of these, some vendors sell illicit drugs online in the dark web. The sale of drugs has generated tons of billions for sellers online. These drug sellers, cook, packages and ship different kinds of hard drugs to customers almost anywhere in the world. The dark web is truly dark and so it is hard to find out who operates what website there. There are ammo and ammunitions for sale in various sizes and countries of manufacture on the dark web.

All of these criminal websites make people believe that everything about the dark web is criminal and in fact, there are no good market places or honest vendors on the dark web. Well, the dark web may carry the name “dark”, but then it is not a dark place as there is still some light shining in the hell of the dark web and the few users who bring about the light aren’t going to quit their privacy because of the criminal elements.

For a list of deep web and dark net links and sites go to which lists many tor hidden services.

If you have Tor Browser already installed you can browse to the following hidden wikis:




So what are people planing to replace Silk Road?


On the Silk Road forums people are advertising a Silk Road 2.0 they want to make.


Others are talking about creating open source projects:


There is already an open source project started:


Another option would be a decentalized marketplace, there is already a project named BitWasp, but developement has stopped in 2012.


Most likely the next Silk Road wont be something decentralized, since there are some technical problems which would have to get solved first.

Currently the main problem in developing a Silk Road like marketplace is the Bitcoin integration, since even tho the Bitcoin-QT client has an API which supports account management, on a larger scale costomized code is needed to check for incoming payments etc.

If anyone knows any open source projects which could be used as a basis for a new silk road please leave a comment on this blog post.


Silk Road

After the arrest of Ross Ulbricht, aka Dread Pirate Roberts, what alternatives are there for users of the Silk Road marketplace?

Atlantis was the second largest Tor marketplace, but their owners decided to close the site and run away with the money about 2 weeks ago.

What is left are Black Market Reloaded (BMR) and Sheep Marketplace.

Black Market Reloaded has been around since about 2 years, so for most vendors and buyers they seem to be choice number one.

Sheep Marketplace will also get some traffic but it looks like the majority of vendors will use BMR.

And most likely many people are already working on new sites.

You can find more .onion links on OnionDir, the Tor Link directory and link list: http://dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion/


Silk Road Marketplace

“Hidden Wiki Diaries: Walking Down the Silk Road”

The hidden wiki is a collection of websites that function on illegal services where the resources of such services are found on the deep web. You might know that most of the information posted online is only half of what is the truth! The internet is shrouded with ignorance to the fact that there is another world inside of it that lays hidden and cannot be accessed by the general audience.

‘Tor’ is a system database that has been formulated for maintaining online anonymity which is in fact connected with virtual tunnels all over the internet. The communication is managed by onion routing hence we have .onion URLS present on the deep web that offer an insight about the underworld activities. Tor is in fact very confidential as software consisting of a network of servers that can hide information and location of the clients and the administrators. By using Tor it becomes difficult for the authorities on the surface to list out their location and bust their illegal activities.

‘Tor’ is basically a project that has been designed to withstand external influence and interruption by ensuring the personal freedom of clients in the underworld and maintain basic civil rights to protect the integrity and privacy of certain companies and activities. This curbs internet censorship and avoids conflict arising out of extreme publicity. The Hidden Wiki therefore may be regarded as a website that consists of .onion URLS that offer hidden services which facilitate throughout the Tor network.

One such service that we can talk about in the deep web is ‘Silk Road’. The Hidden Wiki operates through excellent and professional pseudo domains which travel across Tor with a number of links stored in the wiki format. Most of the links are associated with the Silk Road that rests deep inside the bowels of the deep web. Silk Road is an underground highway for drug trade and expansion.

Silk Road

Anonymous to most of the surface audience, Silk Road has become famous for being another unobtainable route that leads to a market of drugs being sold. Numerous products are offered by this website allowing it to maintain its reputation for being an excellent source for outlawed drugs. User to user can select and enjoy the array of products that are sold via Silk Road. Speaking of drug trafficking, this site is the lord of all gems! It has gained prosperous years with the sale of drugs increasing in demand year after year. Because it has become so popular this information has leaked out somehow and reached the surface of the internet alarming radars all over the United States. Silk Road is primarily a target for the US government who place a lot of efforts to shut down its activities. They obviously have no clue about the location nor do they know who owns the Silk Road website. The Silk Road is safely incased inside the deep web and functions effectively through secret passageways, TOR networking and coded communication systems. This is a very typical gig for the websites situated in the Onion network.

Deep web has gained a lot of publicity lately and most Internet users seem to equate it with a pot of gold consisting of all the secrets now known to the common man! While this may be partly true, deep web is not necessarily as exciting as one may seem to believe. Thanks to the latest technology and top-of-the-line techniques, content that was once restricted is partly or even completely available to the common man.

What is Deep Web?

Now what exactly is deep web? Is it all the exciting information that is hidden from a common Internet user for reasons of security and confidentiality? Well, that may be partly correct. While deep web does contain some classified information and restricted content e.g. on black markets, mafia rings, private websites (password-protected sites) and the likes, it does not necessarily have to be interesting. Sometimes, the information contained in the ‘invisible’ web is simply there for other reasons; for example, webmasters may choose to hide their website’s programming details and technicalities from search engines, because such details are simply not interesting, and may have a detrimental impact on the site’s rankings.

Deep web is much bigger than the common, surface web we come across while conducting searches on Google and other search engines. In fact, it is considered as the biggest online source of structured data.

The Future of Deep Web

Over the years, researchers have devised a number of techniques to access content in the deep web. One of the popular techniques is known as virtual integration, where users are required to post queries which are then routed to the site in question. Another technique is known as surfacing, in which the submissions for each HTML form are pre-computed by Google and are added to the search engine index.

Google and other sites have started providing free access to scholarly papers and journals that used to be restricted in the past. Google Scholar, Google Book Search, Windows Live Academic etc., are some of the examples of such services that are providing free access to common web users.

More and more companies and publishers are entering into agreements with major search engines, which will make it possible for individuals to access content from centralized locations such as universities or other institutions. In the future, it is expected that part of the deep web would be accessible by fees or other means of authentication.


Deep web – a.k.a. underground Internet – is an immense universe of information that is hidden from the naked eye of the common Internet user. Information that exists in the deep web is mostly untraceable by search engines such as Google and popular browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox etc., and special techniques or tactics may be needed to access the data. But what goes on in the underground Internet that makes it so enticing and mysterious? And is it possible to trace the activities of individuals and groups dealing within the deep web? Let us find out!

What Goes on in Deep Web?

Many people believe that the deep web holds some of the greatest secrets the Internet has to offer – and that is partly true. This deep, dark part of the Internet is a hub of illegal and dangerous activities, including drug dealing, guns, child pornography, mafia rings, sale of private jets at extremely competitive prices, and even assassins and hit men for hire. Some of the sites even provide links to grotesque scenes of child abuse! On this platform, trade of illegal goods takes place openly and freely, and one can get hold of virtually all kinds of drugs such as Ecstasy, heroin, ketamine, cocaine, MDMA etc, and get them delivered at their doorstep! What’s interesting is that all of these are totally untraceable by search engines.

Authorities have also expressed a concern regarding terrorists who are believed to be plotting and communicating through this medium without the fear of detection, making it all the more difficult for security forces to catch them. For example, there is a website that aims to provide Muslims with guidelines on carrying out Jihad against the Western world.

Is it Traceable?

The transactions that take place between individuals in the deep web are done by using Bitcoins, a digital form of currency that cannot be traced. Moreover, the software used by websites in deep web completely hides your identity as well as the identity of the other party you are dealing with by encrypting all your data and directing you through a network of various Internet protocol addresses.

It is extremely difficult for security forces to trace the activities going on within this part of the Internet without the use of latest techniques and technology. According to Internet security expert, John Carr, we have to look forward to the time when user authentication is at the core of the Internet, so that any such activities may be effectively traced and those responsible can be apprehended.